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One of directions of our activity is the management of book keeping and tax reporting for a various sort of the companies on a contractual basis. This variant is offered by us according to the Order of the Treasury of the Russian Federation No43n В«About the assertion of the Provision on management of book keeping and accounts in the Russian FederationВ» dated 27.07.98. On the basis of item 7 of the article 1 of the mentioned Provision, the chief of organization can transmit management of book keeping to the centralized accounts department, specialized organization or accountant - expert on a contract basis. When you choose the third variant, your interests or interests of your firm will be presented both before the shareholders, and before controlling or fiscal bodies by the whole staff of the qualified specialists.

An accounts department of a Representative office of foreign company may become a problem. Our specialized department can undertake supervising for or realization of financial transactions of your firm, and also to prepare or to verify correctness of filling all necessary declarations, reports and other official papers. In addition to this, our company can analyze the carried out or future (possible) financial operations of your firm and to find legal paths of the greatest minimization of its taxation.

As you know, the Tax Code of the Russian Federation makes tax bearer or his representative (to be exact: Head of a company and his accountant) responsible for delayed submission in taxing authority on a place where declaration is filled. Our services guarantee you calmness, and it costs less then fiscal penalties, therefore we offer you to contact to our department and to count together.

Our lawyers can represent the clients as in Tax Inspections and other state authorities of the Russian Federation. The competence of our accountants and wide experience in a different businesses will allow the fastest and effective image to decide your problems. You will see that in most cases problems can be settled without circulation in the courts of justice.

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